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What You Need To Know

When booking and paying for a Redi Bins skip bin, you need to be aware you are agreeing to the following conditions:

Unacceptable Waste

If you include unacceptable waste in a Redi Bin bin, this will be detected at the Transfer Station at which point the load you placed in the bin cannot be disposed of and the load will be returned to your property for you to dispose of. A return fee will also be charged to you.

In booking a Redi Bin bin, you are agreeing to fill the bin with allowable waste as described on the Redi Bins website. If you do not fill the bin with allowable waste, the load will be returned to your property. If you are uncertain at any stage about items you wish to place in the bin, please contact the operator for information.


The quoted figure is based on the bin being filled level with the top edge of the bin. If you overload the bin beyond level with the top edge, you will be required to unload the bin to the correct level. Redi Bins will not accept overloaded bins as road fines can be issued for overloading bins that would then need to be passed on to you, the customer. The bin will be picked up from your property if it is not overloaded.

Access and Safety

If the skip bin is to be placed on your property for filling, your access driveway needs to be 3 metres wide with overhead clearance of 3.5 metres. You need to have the access areas clear of items, pets and children to ensure the bin can be placed safely.

The operator will take due care in delivering the bin on your property but may not access your property if foreseeable damage or problems are detected. The operator will contact you and discuss the best location for the bin regarding access and safety.

Naturestrip Placement

If the skip bin is to be placed on the naturestrip outside your property, the operator will arrange the permit for you with your local council and add the permit fee to your bin hire fee.

Booking your Redi Bin skip bin is simple


If you load the bin with wet soil when the arrangement is specifically for dry soil, you will be required to pay an additional charge before bin pick up. You need to inform the operator if you are filling with soil so Redi Bins can provide a tarpaulin for you to cover the soil in the bin to maintain dryness during rain.


Redi Bins pricing is kept to a minimum for deliveries made within a 30 km radius from Kilsyth. If you are located outside the 40 km radius, you will have to pay an additional charge to cover fuel. The additional charge will be advised to you by the operator during the booking process.

Extended Booking

If you request the bin for longer than the standard 3 day hire, the operator will advise you of the additional fee for an extended booking.

Overweight Limits

Light and heavy bins have weight limits. The loads for each of these bins are measured and if the weight limit is exceeded, the light bin becomes a heavy bin price and the heavy bin has an additional charge applied. An additional charge will also apply for 8m bins over 3.0t.

Bin Contents 2 cubic metre bin 3 cubic metre bin 4 cubic metre bin 6 cubic metre bin 8 cubic metre bin
Light $245 $345 $425 $545 $665
Light Weight Limit .75t 1.0t 1.25t 1.5t 2.5t
Heavy $325 $425 $525 $665 $745
Heavy Weight Limit 1.5t 2.0t 2.5t 3.0t 4.0t